Monday, 10 November 2008

Sat8th & sun9th

Chox was a little star as usual and got a 3rd in the jumping by 0.6 sec I was so pleased with him. He did 4 lovely runs and weaved in all of them yey! Dexter was a bit high in his agility so I ended up holding his contacts. Unfortunately I missed his jumping oops bad mummy. I started my beginners course on sun I really enjoyed it. Seeing how the dogs had improved really put a smile on my face. Then I did a bit with Chox. We set up a big spread out course and my timing was so out and he was turning perfectly when I told him .. which was in front of the jump. He has decided that he doesn’t like me crossing behind him on a snake line so I worked on that and he was a good boy. Again weaves were good. I he was doing beautiful seesaws i did a lot of work on it a few weeks ago on him powering on even if I cross behind. I am very excited as I’m am bringing juice home this week: D woo!!

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