Saturday, 11 July 2009

well that was grade 4

wellingborough was our first grade 4 show sat dint go to brilliantly on my behalf although i was really pleased with chox i was just not with it. Sunday we both had it and i really liked the agility judged by nigel davis. Chox was fab and went into the lead i didnt expext him to stay there although his round felt like one of the best he has done i just expected him t get nocked down. but he didnt : D. he was wiked in the helter skeler and his time wasn't to far of the lead, i am seein progress.
dexter got 2nd in the jumping one one of the best rounds has ever done.
Sat,, well little ,man did me proud after splating on the aframe in the graded agility he lost drive and i think scared himself so when i went into the 1-4 i was just goin to run it so he dint have a chance to think to hard. and was pleased that he had picked up from the morning but still dint feel hw he has been. but when i went to see where he was before lunch he was in the lead :D and stayed ther :D .. dexter dint feel great today as he has got older he has got more carful on the wet ground but he sill got 4th.

juice traing is coming on great . im really pleased with her contacts and weeves i am not closing them in anymore until i am happy she wil do any angle and at the moment she is getting everything i am throwing at her. i just love traing her because all she wants to do is please and learn .

hopefully another good day tomorow