Thursday, 14 May 2009

tunbridge :D!!

Another wicked weekend!! Ketch was amazing (I love him so much need to do some persuading) cheese was semi listening we got round 4 out of the six courses without arguing!
My little Chox man just keeps impressing 3rd and 4th he just doesn’t put a foot wrong just need to remember my timing I cant wait till iv fixed his weaves and he weaves as confidently as he can !!
Good old slippers dog (Dexter) was good on sat but has decided to go selectively deaf lol and OMG he broke his wait in his agility so I put him back so I could hold my contacts and he proceeded to leep of his dog walk two this that he has very rarely done (I could count on 1 hand) bad boy hehe

Monday, 4 May 2009


Well no to bad, Ketch was again super! 4th in 6 jumping and a pole in chum ag but he is just so nice to work! Finally managed to get Cheese (auntie’s merlie) round a course without losing his head! He did have a wide turn but still got 10th so was really please!!
Dexter went clear in his jumping and just had a pole in the ag. But I was super pleased with him!
Chox was a little star again!! Just slipped of his see saw in ag and went clear in jumping and had a pole in the other!
i have really enjoyed all the courses today!
Juice has had a lovely day out spending lots of time with her many boyfriends !!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

bit of everything!!

.. Dexter got a three out of three clears including a, god I can’t remember anything else that’s terrible!!

Again Mr. Man got 3/3 clears one being a second behind Helen and Mitch (same as week before) Chox is working so well!! I am so pleased with him, my timing is letting him down :) I am calling him to early .

Dexter yet again got a 2nd and a 4th .. in the 5-7 got a bit carried away with himself on the A frame bless him!! Chox got a 3rd in his grade 3 jumping(very unexpected as he dint feel like he was going) had a pole in the 1-4 and my bad handling sent him over the wrong jump in the agility!! He was going really nicely. Also got a 2nd with Ketch (aunties dog I have nicked and don’t want to give back) in the grade 6 jumping!!

I have worked really hard on Chox contacts finally feels like it has paid off!! At the end of last year I had lost the position due to early releasing as I thought it would boost his confidence, and it did but then he started to get confused so I decided to work on it over the winter and not to ever release till his front feet were on the floor!! Yay its working

What can I say I LOVE HER !! just starts to work little turns and pull through’s and she’s wicked!! She is really starting to get her contact position so few more weeks and ill let her do a small !! dog walk. She is really beginning to click in her weaves and looking for the entrance