Saturday, 29 November 2008

juice had a sleepover..

Little juice had a sleepover as I was babysitting for a friend early in the morning. I thought great somewhere new get her playing and see how she sleeps somewhere new. I am amazed nothing fazes that puppy. She walked straight in proud as punch played tuggie, was bringing back all her toys after I had thrown them. I have been doing her sits, downs, left and rights. She now sits nearly every time I ask her (for a toy yay! Lol) her downs she will do when I show her or in a tuggie game and her left and rights are just games to get the toy. She is so clever.

I did some obedience training at home with Chox last night. I am going to work really hard so that he is really confident and knows exactly what I want of him. I have found that when we get in the ring he gets worried as I am not as confident, and he has never experienced me nervous as when we do agility I am confident :S . So I have told myself I need to do more than train once a week if I want him to be happy and confident for crufts. Last year he started really happy but as the round went on he started coming off my leg and dropping back, I was still delighted with him though as I thought it was a big ask as he had only been to 2 shows. So... I am going to do lots of work on him knowing exactly where the position is.

On Thursday we did some sent with him, he had already started some last year and found it very exciting. Now we are getting him to pick up a cloth and to start thinking about the one that smells of me (at least that what I think the idea is lol). As it’s the first time I’ve done obedience I trust Domini 1000% so whatever she says ill try and if it doesn’t work she always has an alternative :D!

I also so did some free time with Chox, which he loves, using the clicker I have been working on backend awareness and getting him to put his feet up on things he has really got the hang of it now so I am now going to try and target his back feet to something I will try and get a vid.

I can’t believe how much I woffle on!

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