Friday, 7 November 2008

late post..Downlands

(<3 bex)....This was a post that I had written last week but forgot to post: Dexter was Mr reliable :D he got 3 out of 3 clears and we got best placed junior in all three. What a clever boy.. Chox was a very good boy . As I am in the process of retraining his weaves as he was lacking confidence I wasn’t expecting anything and had planned to hold my contacts as I have worked hard on him understanding his position on them as well as maintaining speed. In his agility (was a lovely course by Lorna G) I was really pleased with him even though he missed his weave entry he weaved fast (ish) and confidently. His a frame was spot on. In his jumping another nice course he did the best run he has done all year and go a 9th there wasn't only about 1sec splitting the top 10 I was really pleases as the dogs above him were very good dogs and he was near to their time. He also got best junior in this class. MY little *

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