Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I had forgotten

I completely forgot about my blog. Well without sounding boring Chox has yet again amazed me he has made grade 6 this year I didn’t want I'm to for it as I would have liked to try for the novice Olympia, he won out at Ely he won on sat and I thought it was just fluke, but he won again on Sunday. I am almost happy with his contacts now, just need to persists with weaves and slightly twistier courses as I have done alot of simple stuff to boost his confidence and he is sensitive enough that I can rely on him to turn, it’s my timing that lets us down, and I have made sure I don’t let him know I have gone wrong as I want him to trust me that when I say go I won’t be pulling him off again.
Juice is just simply the best dog to train as she is so willing, she has started to do straight weaves I worried it was too soon so won’t be doing anymore; I am really pleased with her entries and exits! And I am very happy with her contacts, I started see saw training 2 weeks ago and she is the first dog I know that loves it.
I entered her in an introduction class at fox ag. Unaffiliated show , small jumps, jumps and tunnels she was a little star got 2nd , and was against big dogs doing ickle jumps
Both dogs are going to have 2 months off, I don’t want to over do it with juice and think it’s time for her to have a break , and I always find Chox gains more confidence after a break as he is more desperate to play !

Saturday, 11 July 2009

well that was grade 4

wellingborough was our first grade 4 show sat dint go to brilliantly on my behalf although i was really pleased with chox i was just not with it. Sunday we both had it and i really liked the agility judged by nigel davis. Chox was fab and went into the lead i didnt expext him to stay there although his round felt like one of the best he has done i just expected him t get nocked down. but he didnt : D. he was wiked in the helter skeler and his time wasn't to far of the lead, i am seein progress.
dexter got 2nd in the jumping one one of the best rounds has ever done.
Sat,, well little ,man did me proud after splating on the aframe in the graded agility he lost drive and i think scared himself so when i went into the 1-4 i was just goin to run it so he dint have a chance to think to hard. and was pleased that he had picked up from the morning but still dint feel hw he has been. but when i went to see where he was before lunch he was in the lead :D and stayed ther :D .. dexter dint feel great today as he has got older he has got more carful on the wet ground but he sill got 4th.

juice traing is coming on great . im really pleased with her contacts and weeves i am not closing them in anymore until i am happy she wil do any angle and at the moment she is getting everything i am throwing at her. i just love traing her because all she wants to do is please and learn .

hopefully another good day tomorow

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Newton Heath

Well Dexter is not good at the moment he has been on and off lame for the last few weeks I am waiting for an appointment with the chiropractor so he stayed at home with mum this weekend. We were at Newton Heath sat was not so good I missed walking his agility so the jumps weren’t were I thought!! The novice chum he did beautifully but the tit that I am missed two jumps out .. oops but he was brilliant!! For some reason I just wasn’t on the ball on sat or on Sunday really but I am so pleased with how he is working at the moment. Although he did get 2nd in the grade 3 jumping : ) !!
Juice I haven’t got much to say apart from she is perfect and so much fun! She had a lovely weekend and we spent loads of time together! She also had a play with Natalie’s Ham and he is sooooo cute!!

Monday, 8 June 2009

woo hoo Chox man is grade 4

Chox won the ag at hinkley and to say i am pleased is an understatement, I am finally seeing the winter training paid off !! on the down side dexter is lame :( xx

Thursday, 14 May 2009

tunbridge :D!!

Another wicked weekend!! Ketch was amazing (I love him so much need to do some persuading) cheese was semi listening we got round 4 out of the six courses without arguing!
My little Chox man just keeps impressing 3rd and 4th he just doesn’t put a foot wrong just need to remember my timing I cant wait till iv fixed his weaves and he weaves as confidently as he can !!
Good old slippers dog (Dexter) was good on sat but has decided to go selectively deaf lol and OMG he broke his wait in his agility so I put him back so I could hold my contacts and he proceeded to leep of his dog walk two this that he has very rarely done (I could count on 1 hand) bad boy hehe

Monday, 4 May 2009


Well no to bad, Ketch was again super! 4th in 6 jumping and a pole in chum ag but he is just so nice to work! Finally managed to get Cheese (auntie’s merlie) round a course without losing his head! He did have a wide turn but still got 10th so was really please!!
Dexter went clear in his jumping and just had a pole in the ag. But I was super pleased with him!
Chox was a little star again!! Just slipped of his see saw in ag and went clear in jumping and had a pole in the other!
i have really enjoyed all the courses today!
Juice has had a lovely day out spending lots of time with her many boyfriends !!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

bit of everything!!

.. Dexter got a three out of three clears including a, god I can’t remember anything else that’s terrible!!

Again Mr. Man got 3/3 clears one being a second behind Helen and Mitch (same as week before) Chox is working so well!! I am so pleased with him, my timing is letting him down :) I am calling him to early .

Dexter yet again got a 2nd and a 4th .. in the 5-7 got a bit carried away with himself on the A frame bless him!! Chox got a 3rd in his grade 3 jumping(very unexpected as he dint feel like he was going) had a pole in the 1-4 and my bad handling sent him over the wrong jump in the agility!! He was going really nicely. Also got a 2nd with Ketch (aunties dog I have nicked and don’t want to give back) in the grade 6 jumping!!

I have worked really hard on Chox contacts finally feels like it has paid off!! At the end of last year I had lost the position due to early releasing as I thought it would boost his confidence, and it did but then he started to get confused so I decided to work on it over the winter and not to ever release till his front feet were on the floor!! Yay its working

What can I say I LOVE HER !! just starts to work little turns and pull through’s and she’s wicked!! She is really starting to get her contact position so few more weeks and ill let her do a small !! dog walk. She is really beginning to click in her weaves and looking for the entrance


Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter celebration and training

Well Dexter was a lil star he’s decided he we can be consistent at 9 yo. Chox worked really nicely just had few oopses my fault as it always is with him! I also had my aunties dogs as she has had an op on her ankle. I must admit that I wasn’t sure what to expect with her merlie (cheese) as with him its very good or very bad !! but I managed to keep as lid on him :S !! My little super star Ketch was lush as normal and has really boosted my confidence for the EO selection day this weekend! And training to night went really well !!

She is just LOVELY!! Her attitude toward working is amazing she is so toy focused and extremely demanding and I am having soooooooo much fun with her, tonight I just started to work on some turns through boxes then powering on and she was fab !! hmm having her out around the rings at her first proper outdoor show that had a high atmosphere she was good until she sat watching then the singing came and if a dog she knew was running she felt the need to join in lol ! I am constantly working on her tugging and its great at the moment, she loves squeaky toys and will do anything for a toy !! She is just perfect !!

Monday, 9 March 2009

o dear .. its been long !

Oh I am bad!! Its been so long but I just feel I have had no time recently!!

Well the little Juice (who keeps growing so may not be little after all lol) is absolutely gorgeous she is so gutsy and has so much drive. I cannot believe how much fun she is!

Well crufts has been and gone again and I am so pleased with the little red boy. I worked really hard the last few months on his position and I feel it has paid off as last year he didn’t like the environment this year he was so much more confident and I think I was more relaxed. He went in and did a brilliant round for me and we were in 2nd I moved down to joint third and had to do a run off . Unfortunately I had no time to warm him up between the stays and run off so felt rushed and it did showed so we got 4th but I was over the moon with it.
Agility wise I had a bit of bad luck/communication break down!

I am still working on getting Chox’s weaves quicker and we are getting there slowly.

I’d like to say a huge well done to everyone that was at Crufts.

I will not leave it this long to update again

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

long time not so much good !

NAUGHTY ME !! its been so long ...Well juice is fab!!! She is sooo toy motivated which I am over the moon about, I have tried to make sure that it’s her most favourite thing in the world and it is, so much so that when she has got it she shows the whole world what she has got and does not want to bring it back. (Bad girl). We have just started doing tunnels and through wings to a tunnel and she loves it! She does think it is great fun to bark when I run away from her lol this is all I am going to do with her for another few months. Have done lot of little bits with the clicker and worked on her target and her doing it wherever I am as I taught it in front of me and wanted her really driving to it and understanding the position before I alter where I stand. Have stated working on the heelwork position and she is learning very quickly. I’ve got a real bond with her.

As far as Dexter and Chox go it has been awful Chox got a really swollen foot and was very sore and would not let me look at it, so went to the vet he had antibiotics and painkillers as we thought he had something in there. The day he came off the antibiotics his foot went up again so back on them he went. Once it had gone down and he was not as sore on it I had a poke about and had a squeeze and the infection was starting to come out so he came off the antibiotics. He is now sound on it but I think the nail is going to fall off as it got very very bruised. So I have poulticed it and warm salt water.

Dexter has had me in a right state on Friday he went very funny on the left side of his back end he has been up and down all weekend. A friend that has done a massage and T Touch therapy course is seeing him tonight and I have him booked into the chiropractor. So poor Dexter has not been able to really enjoy the snow :( the others have loved it. Especially juice!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

A Big 1!!

It feels like ages since I have written anything and I feel like I have loads to say! I was on a training day with Amanda Pigg and Toni Dawkins a few weeks ago and WOW did I enjoy it I came away with lots of things to think about and Chox contacts aren’t as solid as I thought but that is due to me releasing him early without realising (bad me !!). The exercise we did with Amanda really showed me how much Chox watches me. I was so pleased with him he was a little star and weaved nicely YAY!! A. Lisa took Senna and he was a very good boy too. Juice came along we got there early so I bought juice out so she could watch and so I could get her playing somewhere new she was a good girl and was bringing it back when I threw it and tugging hard.

Barking Mad.
Chox was fab I was rubbish!! :( I felt like my timing was completely out, however I was really pleased with how he worked. Dexter was very high for some reason only known to him he did a very nice ag run but had a pole and in the jumping he was not listening very well.Juice was aloud out at barking mad and she decided that everybody was her friend and the bigger the dog the better. Have put the vids on youtube

Juice has been so good she is everything I hoped she would be. She very into her toys and very quick to learn i.e she knows who she can take the mick out of lol when my step dad lets her out she runs around for about 20 mins but if I do she comes straight back in .. bad girl so now she is on the flexi lead .