Tuesday, 3 February 2009

long time not so much good !

NAUGHTY ME !! its been so long ...Well juice is fab!!! She is sooo toy motivated which I am over the moon about, I have tried to make sure that it’s her most favourite thing in the world and it is, so much so that when she has got it she shows the whole world what she has got and does not want to bring it back. (Bad girl). We have just started doing tunnels and through wings to a tunnel and she loves it! She does think it is great fun to bark when I run away from her lol this is all I am going to do with her for another few months. Have done lot of little bits with the clicker and worked on her target and her doing it wherever I am as I taught it in front of me and wanted her really driving to it and understanding the position before I alter where I stand. Have stated working on the heelwork position and she is learning very quickly. I’ve got a real bond with her.

As far as Dexter and Chox go it has been awful Chox got a really swollen foot and was very sore and would not let me look at it, so went to the vet he had antibiotics and painkillers as we thought he had something in there. The day he came off the antibiotics his foot went up again so back on them he went. Once it had gone down and he was not as sore on it I had a poke about and had a squeeze and the infection was starting to come out so he came off the antibiotics. He is now sound on it but I think the nail is going to fall off as it got very very bruised. So I have poulticed it and warm salt water.

Dexter has had me in a right state on Friday he went very funny on the left side of his back end he has been up and down all weekend. A friend that has done a massage and T Touch therapy course is seeing him tonight and I have him booked into the chiropractor. So poor Dexter has not been able to really enjoy the snow :( the others have loved it. Especially juice!