Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I can’t believe how much juice has grown. She is so lovely and bold. I have already started changing from food to toys. I have been quiet worried about the *nose to the floor*. I am more than likely going to target my contacts and it will be easier with treats. So my theory is if I make the transaction from food to toy early I hopefully will not have a problem and I am going to do my best to make sure she only gets treat from the hand. I would like her to be toy motivated over treats (fingers crosses). She is really tugging well atm.

CHOX.....I am still not happy with his weaves and I am considering getting the Susan Garret dvd but I will ask around 1st for opinions on that method of training as have not had any experience on it or spoken to people who have trained. But I will carry on with what I am doing as I am getting slow improvements, not as much as would have hoped but every dog progresses differently so until I find that I am not pleases with what I am getting I shall keep with it.

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Nat said...

Hi Jenni, the pup looks absolutely gorgeous and sounds like she's gonna be fab too! :)

I didn't realise you had a pup from Jack, he looks very like Rolo, he was such a lovely dog, I'm glad he still lives on in his kids.