Sunday, 16 November 2008

GOOD chox, POOR juice

Today worked on sending him out as I am please with his turns but he is no so confident away from me so I set up a huge long line on a slight curve and a 180 degrees to a dog walk. The curve was so that I could ask him to go out while I raced him to the end of the dog walk he got it 1st time which took me by surprise. He obviously understands a lot more than I give him credit for. He was doing FANTSTIC contacts really shocked me, I am really pleased with his dw as I had problems as a puppy with them he refused to straighten himself up and would just run past.. However his weaves weren’t anywhere near as good as they have been so I'm going to go back to 6 and 8 so that he only goes through fast...
Now onto juice she is so gorgeously naughty I’ve been doing loads of roughing her up. Nothing fazes her : D iv got her tugging really hard (she supposed to be a soft mouthed dog lol)she popped u to the field today and was playing with the dogs that are like 100 times bigger was mooching around and walked over some stinging nettles and was very upset she got all bumpy tummy and saw feet my poor girlie i felt so guilty.

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Karen said...

cant wait to meet your new pup she looks gorgeous