Sunday, 30 November 2008

Chox doesn’t seize to amaze me!!! Today at training we worked on motivating fast dog walk and powering on just re enforcing the basics really with Senna (my aunties young dog) and Chox we had a long distance and a very slight angle between a jump and the weaves the first time he didn’t put the brakes on hard enough the second time WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!! He really really shocked me I was absolutely delighted with him he worked very nicely!

I did some ob training at home on sat morning just reinforcing the position on my leg and really getting him to push on it he was so good he is just trying so hard to please me at the moment !

Little juice is still as cute as ever and being as bold as ever she thinks the cat is her best friend the cat has other ideas when he is sleeping and he gets a puppy licking his face with a waggly uncontrollable bum attached! :D

Saturday, 29 November 2008

juice had a sleepover..

Little juice had a sleepover as I was babysitting for a friend early in the morning. I thought great somewhere new get her playing and see how she sleeps somewhere new. I am amazed nothing fazes that puppy. She walked straight in proud as punch played tuggie, was bringing back all her toys after I had thrown them. I have been doing her sits, downs, left and rights. She now sits nearly every time I ask her (for a toy yay! Lol) her downs she will do when I show her or in a tuggie game and her left and rights are just games to get the toy. She is so clever.

I did some obedience training at home with Chox last night. I am going to work really hard so that he is really confident and knows exactly what I want of him. I have found that when we get in the ring he gets worried as I am not as confident, and he has never experienced me nervous as when we do agility I am confident :S . So I have told myself I need to do more than train once a week if I want him to be happy and confident for crufts. Last year he started really happy but as the round went on he started coming off my leg and dropping back, I was still delighted with him though as I thought it was a big ask as he had only been to 2 shows. So... I am going to do lots of work on him knowing exactly where the position is.

On Thursday we did some sent with him, he had already started some last year and found it very exciting. Now we are getting him to pick up a cloth and to start thinking about the one that smells of me (at least that what I think the idea is lol). As it’s the first time I’ve done obedience I trust Domini 1000% so whatever she says ill try and if it doesn’t work she always has an alternative :D!

I also so did some free time with Chox, which he loves, using the clicker I have been working on backend awareness and getting him to put his feet up on things he has really got the hang of it now so I am now going to try and target his back feet to something I will try and get a vid.

I can’t believe how much I woffle on!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008


As i right this dexter has given in and is playing with juice.. the others are coming round to the fact that she is staying !
I can’t believe how much juice has grown. She is so lovely and bold. I have already started changing from food to toys. I have been quiet worried about the *nose to the floor*. I am more than likely going to target my contacts and it will be easier with treats. So my theory is if I make the transaction from food to toy early I hopefully will not have a problem and I am going to do my best to make sure she only gets treat from the hand. I would like her to be toy motivated over treats (fingers crosses). She is really tugging well atm.

CHOX.....I am still not happy with his weaves and I am considering getting the Susan Garret dvd but I will ask around 1st for opinions on that method of training as have not had any experience on it or spoken to people who have trained. But I will carry on with what I am doing as I am getting slow improvements, not as much as would have hoped but every dog progresses differently so until I find that I am not pleases with what I am getting I shall keep with it.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Juice update

Little juice came up to obedience training last night and she loved it. I want her to go to as many places as possible and get her playing there straight away, which she did. She also found a boyfriend ... Mr Keen Bennett I don’t blame her he’s very handsome boy. They were having a whale of a time I was so pleased as Keen isn’t the smallest of collies. I got her running round the hall with me playing tuggie. I was so pleased with her.
We also got our new car cages fitted today. They look very very nice I am very pleased with them. The doggies like them too .

Sunday, 16 November 2008

GOOD chox, POOR juice

Today worked on sending him out as I am please with his turns but he is no so confident away from me so I set up a huge long line on a slight curve and a 180 degrees to a dog walk. The curve was so that I could ask him to go out while I raced him to the end of the dog walk he got it 1st time which took me by surprise. He obviously understands a lot more than I give him credit for. He was doing FANTSTIC contacts really shocked me, I am really pleased with his dw as I had problems as a puppy with them he refused to straighten himself up and would just run past.. However his weaves weren’t anywhere near as good as they have been so I'm going to go back to 6 and 8 so that he only goes through fast...
Now onto juice she is so gorgeously naughty I’ve been doing loads of roughing her up. Nothing fazes her : D iv got her tugging really hard (she supposed to be a soft mouthed dog lol)she popped u to the field today and was playing with the dogs that are like 100 times bigger was mooching around and walked over some stinging nettles and was very upset she got all bumpy tummy and saw feet my poor girlie i felt so guilty.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Little juice came home tonight. She is so lovely and bold she came in had a look round picked up all the new toys and killed them :D. She then decided she would go and say hello to the cat. Chox has completely blanked her. Dexter said hello :) and kiss refuses to acknowledge she exists. I will try and post some vids of her tomorrow and let you all know how she slept :)..x

Monday, 10 November 2008

Sat8th & sun9th

Chox was a little star as usual and got a 3rd in the jumping by 0.6 sec I was so pleased with him. He did 4 lovely runs and weaved in all of them yey! Dexter was a bit high in his agility so I ended up holding his contacts. Unfortunately I missed his jumping oops bad mummy. I started my beginners course on sun I really enjoyed it. Seeing how the dogs had improved really put a smile on my face. Then I did a bit with Chox. We set up a big spread out course and my timing was so out and he was turning perfectly when I told him .. which was in front of the jump. He has decided that he doesn’t like me crossing behind him on a snake line so I worked on that and he was a good boy. Again weaves were good. I he was doing beautiful seesaws i did a lot of work on it a few weeks ago on him powering on even if I cross behind. I am very excited as I’m am bringing juice home this week: D woo!!

Friday, 7 November 2008

late post..Downlands

(<3 bex)....This was a post that I had written last week but forgot to post: Dexter was Mr reliable :D he got 3 out of 3 clears and we got best placed junior in all three. What a clever boy.. Chox was a very good boy . As I am in the process of retraining his weaves as he was lacking confidence I wasn’t expecting anything and had planned to hold my contacts as I have worked hard on him understanding his position on them as well as maintaining speed. In his agility (was a lovely course by Lorna G) I was really pleased with him even though he missed his weave entry he weaved fast (ish) and confidently. His a frame was spot on. In his jumping another nice course he did the best run he has done all year and go a 9th there wasn't only about 1sec splitting the top 10 I was really pleases as the dogs above him were very good dogs and he was near to their time. He also got best junior in this class. MY little *

One Moment Time - Bex ..x

Today has been a very sad day as my aunty has lost her special little bex.
He was so amzing! He has given me the best dog Icould have hoped for and has done the same for many others. He acheived so much and was so special because of everything he was!

run free!!

Monday, 3 November 2008

2 weeks to go !

My little puppy was born on the 27th September in a litter of 7. 5 boys and 2 girls. They are all extremly beautiful.
Although it is 2 years two soon to be getting a puppy I will not have time for a puppy in two years and Twix may not be having a litter.


she is the naughtyiest and is beeting her brothers up .. awwwwww