Friday, 12 December 2008

I have been very lazy and now it’s biting back as I have loads to write!
Juice is still as lovely and naughty as ever and terrorising Dexter and Chox! Must get some more pics of her !

Last sat. We were at barking mad I was a bit emotional as it was the anniversary of my dad’s death. But Chox cheered me up he was amazing I was so gob smacked. He is doing everything I ask of him. Whereas with Dexter it can be a bit of a fight Chox feels so smooth and tight and generally it’s my timing when it goes wrong as it is so different to Dexter, and Dexter decides if he’s listening and I can tell him as he takes off or if he’s in tank mode and you have to tell him a stride before and it’s very hard to know. It feels like Chox and I are really coming together I have to admit I didn’t think he was going to be very fast but would have the turns on his side but he is proving me wrong in his own time and he is becoming exactly what I wanted . I just love him!

The weekend before that we were training and Chox did the most amazing set of weaves so I did two sets and didn’t do another set.

I had half the day off so decided to do some training and gave someone who trains with us a lesson(Sam and her working black lab fazer- fazer is half a collie in disguise I sure lol she and Senna have been trained together from a puppy she has such talent! ). I set up a jumping exercises that was big and spread out to get her to trust and working on getting the most out of Fazer. She was sooo good I was buzzing after the lesson. Then Sam got her young working cocker out (Daime) he was a little star and was sending out so well. I was so satisfied and happy
In the evening we had our Christmas do (upanover/cloudtenn) it was really nice to see everyone and talk doggies most of the evening. However I progressively started to feel ill and woke up feeling so rough.. and still do !!

Of to Rugby x-mas show this weekend I am really looking forward to it I love Rugby its such a lovely fun show .. I’m off to have a hot cup of tea!

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