Monday, 15 December 2008

hmm lovely walks !!

As I have been reading about everyone’s lovely walks I’d like to show you the lovely walk I had today and how it ended
I thought as it hadn’t rained for two days the field I normally walk them in wouldn’t be too bad
I have to say these pics really don’t show how dirty she was

Mind you kiss is constantly getting dirty she only has to look at a puddle to get dirty whereas the other 2 stay fairly clean.
My little juice is a little star been doing little bits with her she is such a character.. she is so cute . She loves Dexter although I think he is getting tired of her. He did play with her for an hour last night ill try and upload the short vid I got of them.
The dogs were very good at rugby I was rubbish I called Chox off of two jumps in his ag. (bad timing) he was clear in jumping. Dexter was a little bit naughty in his ag and released himself of the dw I didn’t stop him I really should of but I made a point of making him stop on the a-frame and he still didn’t think he should bad dog lolol. In the jumping he just had a poll

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