Sunday, 21 December 2008


Huge well done to everyone that qualified for Olympia have been watching on tele but was there on Thursday supporting Amy .. unfortunately she had the first pole down in both classes how unlucky!! I was also gutted for Toni and Minx!

Smalls: found myself screaming at the tele when Wendy was running daddy Dexter was watching and cheering on his little scout man.

Big dogs: was gutted Alan didn’t make the final but well done to everyone else who did what an interesting final! i was very happy to see that Lucy Osborne had qualified so was cheering her on! And a big well done to Toni and minx and Dave and Dobby what a stunning round!
Really looking forward to see tonight’s as there are some VERY good dogs so should also make an interesting final .Good luck everyone!

Good luck to everyone in the ABC on mon.

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