Sunday, 21 December 2008

little update

<<<>Oh my god I can’t believe how much juice has grown since she came home. I was looking through and ORGANISING my photos and I never realised how small she really was. She was doing her usual rounds were she sees the cat goes up to him with the wiggliest wiggliest bum, but I'm sure that yesterday she was considerably smaller than him yet today she is nearly the same size as him.

Watching olympia ^^ hmm!

Have done some training with her she now does a beautiful down and sit she waves both paws. I have started doing her targets to piece of carpet as I am considering target training her dw and maybe having a running a frame :S I am not sure yet though. Will have to do some more research as if I do I want to make sure I get it right!
Mmm Chox it feels like we have gone backwards again with his weaves so I will go back to channels over the winter to get his confidence back up again. He so sensitive to me and get really worried if he THIKS he’s got it wrong but I don’t know what has triggered him to be unsure his time. :S

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