Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I had forgotten

I completely forgot about my blog. Well without sounding boring Chox has yet again amazed me he has made grade 6 this year I didn’t want I'm to for it as I would have liked to try for the novice Olympia, he won out at Ely he won on sat and I thought it was just fluke, but he won again on Sunday. I am almost happy with his contacts now, just need to persists with weaves and slightly twistier courses as I have done alot of simple stuff to boost his confidence and he is sensitive enough that I can rely on him to turn, it’s my timing that lets us down, and I have made sure I don’t let him know I have gone wrong as I want him to trust me that when I say go I won’t be pulling him off again.
Juice is just simply the best dog to train as she is so willing, she has started to do straight weaves I worried it was too soon so won’t be doing anymore; I am really pleased with her entries and exits! And I am very happy with her contacts, I started see saw training 2 weeks ago and she is the first dog I know that loves it.
I entered her in an introduction class at fox ag. Unaffiliated show , small jumps, jumps and tunnels she was a little star got 2nd , and was against big dogs doing ickle jumps
Both dogs are going to have 2 months off, I don’t want to over do it with juice and think it’s time for her to have a break , and I always find Chox gains more confidence after a break as he is more desperate to play !

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Hudsondoglets said...

Hi Jenni, glad you're back in blog-dom!

Well done with Chox getting to G6, great result!