Thursday, 8 January 2009

A Big 1!!

It feels like ages since I have written anything and I feel like I have loads to say! I was on a training day with Amanda Pigg and Toni Dawkins a few weeks ago and WOW did I enjoy it I came away with lots of things to think about and Chox contacts aren’t as solid as I thought but that is due to me releasing him early without realising (bad me !!). The exercise we did with Amanda really showed me how much Chox watches me. I was so pleased with him he was a little star and weaved nicely YAY!! A. Lisa took Senna and he was a very good boy too. Juice came along we got there early so I bought juice out so she could watch and so I could get her playing somewhere new she was a good girl and was bringing it back when I threw it and tugging hard.

Barking Mad.
Chox was fab I was rubbish!! :( I felt like my timing was completely out, however I was really pleased with how he worked. Dexter was very high for some reason only known to him he did a very nice ag run but had a pole and in the jumping he was not listening very well.Juice was aloud out at barking mad and she decided that everybody was her friend and the bigger the dog the better. Have put the vids on youtube

Juice has been so good she is everything I hoped she would be. She very into her toys and very quick to learn i.e she knows who she can take the mick out of lol when my step dad lets her out she runs around for about 20 mins but if I do she comes straight back in .. bad girl so now she is on the flexi lead .

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Mark said...

Where are your you tube video's? links please!